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Join us for 2 evenings this summer as we reflect on the Works of Mercy

To seek Christ, Know Christ and Become Christ, each one for the sake of all

  Youth Ministry

Contact:  Debbie Olla, Director of Youth Ministry 262.781.3480.
Lifelong Faith Formation Absence Line: Ext. 277


Laudato Si Garden
Laudato si' (Italian for Praise Be to You) is the second encyclical of Pope Francis. The encyclical has the subtitle On Care for Our Common Home. In it, the Pope encourages us to take action to be better stewards of creation.

Laudato Si is an initiative within the St. Dominic Youth Ministry intended to advance the youth of St. Dominic Catholic Parish in their journey of discipleship through stewardship of the environment. Our first project will be the Laudato Si Garden here on the St. Dominic parish grounds. This project will be for the whole parish, and will be youth led.

WHAT: Laudato Si Garden WHO: St. Dominic youth entering 9th grade through graduating 12th grade
WHEN: Organizational meeting and box garden construction on May 7, 2016 at 10:00 am. WHERE: Parish Center courtyard west of the church. This is the site of the Laudato Si Garden. If it is raining, then in the Youth Room.
ADULT LEADERS: Mike Klinker and Amy Whittenberger

If you have a green thumb, this is for you.
If you have never grown anything, are open to new things, this is for you.
If you would like to write reflections on Holy Scripture dealing with growing food, this is for you.
If you want to learn and write about social and public health issues related to access to healthy vegetables, this is for you.
If your skills are more in distribution and logistics, this is for you.
If you want to be an adult mentor, this is for you.

Questions? Contact Mike Klinker

Documents & Forms
Jr. High Policies
2016 Lifetree Workcamp
2016 Group Workcamp
Youth Group Happenings
Summer Outreach Camp FAQs
Summer Outreach Camp Registration Form
Summer Outreach Camp Adult Volunteer Form
Movie Ticket Order Form
Laudato Si Garden
Blaze Pizza Fundraiser
Mock Stock Sale


What's it all about?

How Can YOU be involved?

  • TEENS Join a Lifelong Faith Formation group, be a member of one of the youth teams, come to youth nights and events as time permits, become a peer leader for the retreats and Lifelong Faith Formation groups, join a liturgical or music ministry group such as hand bells, teen choir, be a minister of hospitality or Eucharist, go on a mission trip, attend a youth conference and more!  NEWSLETTERS are mailed out every other month to all parish registered 7th - 12th graders with details of all the upcoming events and registration forms.

  • ADULTS:  We can't do what we do  WITHOUT your help.  We are always in need of adult help.  You can:

    • Be on one of the TEAMS (Youth Team or Junior High Team)

    • Youth Ministry or Confirmation Leader (Either individual or Co-Lead)

    • Be on one of the retreat teams

    • Chaperone an event

    • Help in the Youth Ministry Office

    • Help coordinate fundraisers

    • Be a Youth Ministry Prayer Warrior, PRAY for our teens

  • YM Leader Job Description

For more details on any of the above or to offer your services in another area, please call the Youth Ministry Office (262) 781-3480.



  • Junior High Plug-In - One to two activities a month are offered for Junior High teens.  Activities include social, spiritual and service opportunities.  Once per month there is an activity that includes the Quad parish collaboration of St. John Vianney, St. Joes Wauwatosa, and St. Mary's Elm Grove.  There are other events for this age group that happen on District (Waukesha County) and Archdiocesan levels.

  • High School Youth Ministry - The high school youth ministry offers a variety of activities on the parish, Quad parish, District and Archdiocesan levels.  The activities range from youth nights, social/recreational outing and service/mission trips.

  • Youth Nights - Local:  We have a youth room located in the basement of the parish office building where we hold Youth Nights for the junior high and high school youth.  Youth Nights are held once to twice per month during the school year.  Watch the bulletin and website calendar for details.  It's always what the teens WANT IT TO BE, and we always have FOOD!

  • District & Quad Parish: trips, events, outings are planned throughout the year.

  • CYM Volleyball and Basketball League - Teams in the Catholic Youth Ministry are offered for co-ed volleyball and boys cadet and girls junior basketball teams.  Registration information is available in the fall.  Coaches are needed to form teams.  Please consider offering your support and encouragement to our outstanding teens.  The CYM has two co-ed Volleyball leagues; one is competitive and the other non-competitive. For the basketball league there is a girls team and two boys teams; a freshmen/sophomore team and a junior/senior team. Having teams in the league is dependent on having coaches and players. Those interested in playing and adults in coaching need to contact the Parish Center Youth Office at 262-781-3480.


  • Teen Mass - We offer a Teen Liturgy with our Quad Parish to be held four times per year, once at each parish.

  • Quad Parish Youth Prayer Hour - Through the Quad Parish collaboration of St. John Vianney, St. Joes Wauwatosa, St. Mary's Elm Grove and St. Dominic's, we have an opportunity for all teens to come together to pray.  Meets the 1st Thursday of the month from 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.  Social time is from 8:00 - 8:30 p.m.  Prayer hour is held at St. Mary's Youth Center.  We start our night with uplifting praise and worship music, time for sharing, and time of prayer and adoration.


  • We offer a variety of service opportunities: Make a Difference Day, Special Olympics, Fall Clean-up, Christmas help, Meal Programs, Peer Leadership, Teaching in the CFC program, Mission trips and more.

Confirmation Service-Open Door Cafe
Grade 10 Service

Workcamp Reflections
Group Workcamps Website

Workcamp Skills Day

Important information about all Workcamps

  • You'll lodge at a school, college, church or other similar facility.  Be prepared to sleep on classrooms floors, eat, and shower at the facility.
  • You'll enjoy a 6-day adventure, arriving on Sunday afternoon and departing the following Saturday morning.
  • A typical camp includes 400 people, creating a high-energy, high-impact camp environment.
  • You'll enjoy hot breakfasts, picnic lunches, and hot suppers.  And, we'll take care of the meals and facility cleanup for you.
  • You'll be given a half day to explore the area, please be prepared to purchase your evening meal on that day.
  • You and your group will make new friends while serving on project teams with people from other churches.

Summer Outreach Camp - Junior High

Our primary goal is the spiritual growth of teens. As the ultimate expression of Christian Service, camps offer a fun, challenging, faith-building mission adventure they will never forget. SOC is a short 4 day time of community service offering 7th and 8th graders an opportunity to perform hands-on home-repair projects and help with other work for people in need in our Waukesha County area.

SOC offers initial programs during which participants learn more about the camp, get to know other campers, receive important training for the meaningful work ahead, and most importantly, to pray together. The youth start each day with an early breakfast, gather for Morning Prayer and then head "off to the sites." When the work day is done we go swimming at Buchner Pool. After dinner we hold our evening program. Programs include fun activities, learning experiences, dramatic devotions, guest speakers and more. We end the night with a snack and youth group devotions.


Retreat is commonly thought of as removing oneself from one's usual environment, to retreat. In Youth Ministry, we offer experiences of "Retreat," taking time out from the usual, to have intentional time for the spiritual.

"The retreat has changed my religious life because I now know that it just doesn't mean that you think you're following in Jesus' footprints you know you are."

Net Retreat Gr. 7

Links - W.Y.R.E. Ministries started in 2004 when a bunch of youth ministers and trusted friends met with a vision of holding a Steubenville style youth conference in Milwaukee.  The first rally was held in 2006 at Pius High School.  After the success of that initial rally, then Archbishop Timothy Dolan asked for the continuation of the rally.  This group was asked to operate under the Rosary Evangelization Aposolate.  W.Y.R.E. (Wisconsin Youth Rosary Evangelization) Ministries was born.   In 2010 a middle school rally was added the day after the high school rally so that more teens can encounter Christ.  To this day, the WCYR: Middle School Edition remains one of the few middle school youth rallies offered across the country!   In 2015, as part of the excitment of our 10th year anniversary, we decided it was time to look towards the future and other ways we could serve the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.  An advisory board was formed to help give vision and direction for our ministry.  They boldly proclaimed that they wanted Milwaukee to be synoymous for the best Catholic youth ministry in America.  We have a bright future ahead of us, but our mission continues to be to facilitate encounters with Christ.
website for The Group Workcamps Foundation which exists as a nonprofit organization to serve churches by providing Christian mission trips that help children, youth and adults grow in their relationship with Jesus. -
National Confederation of Catholic Youth Ministry
Partnership for Youth is a non-profit organization dedicated to guiding youth to a full life in Christ and works to create unique opportunities for youth to grow in fellowship, community, and their Christian faith.
- Challenging young Catholics to LOVE CHRIST and EMBRACE THE LIFE OF THE CHURCH. - Plugged In Online specializes in providing you with movie reviews as soon as films arrive in theaters.  It is designed to help equip parents, youth leaders, ministers and teens with the essential tools that will enable them to understand, navigate and impact the culture in which they live.
- Website for Girls and Boys Town, the original Father Flanagan's Boys' Home, is a leader in the treatment and care of abused, abandoned and neglected girls and boys. - See You at the Pole website - Gather - Unite - Pray - Come together.

Lifelong Faith Formation-Youth Program

An effective Youth Ministry program involves a balance between formal opportunities to explore the meaning of growing in faith as an adolescent and the role of Catholic Tradition, especially as experienced at the parish level.  This balance is sought at St. Dominic's by small group sessions that deal with relevant teen issues.

Our Lifelong Faith Formation-Youth program for 7th - 10th grade is held on Sunday mornings from 10:0 - 11:50 a.m. at least twice per month and runs from September - April.  Teens meet by their grade level.  Grade levels are comprised of groups of 12-15 teens.  These groups are lead by a volunteer from the parish under the guidance of the Director of Youth Ministry.

Youth Ministry Policies 7th - 10th Grade

  • It's important that all who are in Youth Ministry come with an attitude of Trust, Openness, Honesty and Mutual Respect.  Teens will have further guidelines for their small groups.

  • Sessions begin at 10:10 and will be done at 11:50 a.m.  Teens are to be on time for the session and to stay until the end of the session.  Early dismissals are not encouraged.  All of the sessions end with a prayer time, when a teen leaves early the spirit of prayer is disrupted.  If your teen would need to leave early they MUST have a signed note from a parent.

  • ABSENCES:  Please call the Youth Ministry Office at (262)781-3480 if your teen will be absent from any session.  If absences are not reported, prior to the session, homes will be called after the session begins.

  • ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENT:  7th - 9th grade - To successfully complete the year, students must have an 80% attendance record.  Make-up work will be required for those who miss  the sessions- excluding retreats and service sessions, these are mandatory or require make-up.  10th Grade - Teens are expected to attend every session. If a session is missed, teens are required to complete a make-up packs.  Parents are asked to lead their teen through the packs

  • BIBLES:  Teens are asked to bring their bibles to each session.  Bibles can be purchased through Lifelong FaithFormation-Youth Office.

  • The teens are asked to bring doughnuts and juice for their group to one of the sessions.  The group leader will keep the list of who is assigned for each session.

Grades 7th - 8th

The curriculum, from St. Mary's Press, "Discovering", helps youth to examine and interpret life experiences in the light of faith.

Curriculum topics:

    7th grade-Jesus, Prayer, and Understanding myself, Season of Lent
    8th grade- Social issues, tough times, and Eucharist, Season of Advent
    In addition, both levels will require participation in:

  • A group service opportunity

  • A parent/teen session

  • Families are asked to take their teen to one of the Reconciliation Services in either Advent or Lent

  • A retreat experience

Grades 9th - 10th

These years are a time of transformation.  The teen experiences change on all fronts - visible and invisible, external and internal.  The teen continues to develop intellectually, emotionally, morally, and spiritually.  The topics covered will help us to connect and focus in these stages.

Curriculum topics:

  • 9th grade-Identity, Jesus, and Church

  • 10th grade-Relationships, Morality/Values, Prayer, Catholicism and Social Justice

In addition, both levels will require participation in

  • A group service opportunity

  • An evening parent and teen session

  • A retreat experience

Grades 11th - 12th

Please see Youth Confirmation page.


Within the Youth Ministry area there are a variety of ways for teens to take leadership roles.  Some of these are less formal and limited in time commitment, while others leadership positions are more formal and a greater commitment of time.

  • Youth Ministry Team - The YMT is comprised of adults and teens.  They meet every month.  This ministry team articulates the needs and goals regarding the formation of youth in the parish based on the essential mission; "To seek Christ, know Christ, and become Christ, each one for the sake of all".

  • Junior High Team - The JHT is a group comprised of adults and 7th and 8th grade teens meeting approximately 9-10 times per year.  The goal of the JHT is to help plan and execute activities and be advisory in the area of young teens.

  • Peer Leadership - For high school juniors and seniors to become peer leaders.  Peer leaders help to staff the retreat teams and help lead youth ministry offering.

Home School Program

The opportunity is available for families who choose to home school their children in Lifelong FaithFormation.  It is open to teens in Grades 7th - 9th.  It is not available to 10th Grade teens or those preparing for Confirmation.  These teens are expected to attend the Lifelong FaithFormation Program offered through the parish.  The Home School Program involves both the parent(s) and teen and also includes a family component.

Curriculum topics:

  • 7th Grade-Jesus

  • 8th Grade-Church

  • 9th Grade-Faith, Scripture, Trinity, and Church

Parent/Teen Meetings: 

  • An initial meeting in September with the Director, parent and teen

  • A mid-year meeting with the teen to talk about the materials covered

  • An evaluation meeting in May

Participation is also required in:

  • Family service opportunities

  • Two seasonal sessions

  • "Special" sessions" (one for each grade level

  • Participation in the grade level retreat experience

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