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  Registration and Admission

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St. Dominic School K-3 Program (2016-2017 academic year)

Five-day:                                                  12:00 - 2:30 pm           
Monday, Wednesday & Friday             7:50 - 10:20 am         
Tuesday, Thursday                                7:50 - 10:20 am          

Students must be age 3 or older by September 1.
All students must be toilet-trained prior to attending school, but can enroll at any time throughout the year once successfully toilet-trained.
Enrollment is limited and priority will be determined according to the School Registration and Admission Policy.

Registration Procedure

Families of new students are encouraged to view the information within the New Student Information section of this site and complete the Request for Information form. School Tours and Shadowing opportunities are available to provide more information about the school.

Registration Forms, Fees and Tuition Deposits must be submitted to the School Office in accordance with the deadlines stated in the Registration Packets in order to be considered for admission. Admission is determined according to the New Student Admission Policy stated below.

All families submitting Registration Forms will be notified of either Admission or, if registrations exceed the capacity of any grade or classroom, Waiting List status.

Registration Fee and Tuition Deposit

All new families will be charged a non-refundable registration fee, plus a tuition deposit, which will be applied to your September tuition payment. This non-refundable payment per family will be paid at the time of registration.

Registration of your child/children is taken as a serious commitment to St. Dominic Catholic School. Payment of this Fee confirms your intention of registering your child/children at St. Dominic Catholic School. If your child is put on a Waiting List, your deposit will be returned to you with notification of your child's Waiting List status.

Currently enrolled families will be charged a non-refundable re-registration fee each year at the time of re-registration. A tuition deposit will also be required at the time of re-registration. The tuition deposit will be applied toward the September tuition payment.

Transfer Students

All new students transferring from another school need to present their most recent report card as evidence of their achievement level. When the transfer is not due to a change of address, the student will be enrolled temporarily while the principal contacts the former school for the reasons of the transfer. Upon receiving satisfactory reasons for the transfer, the student is formally enrolled. All transferring students will be on probation for the first semester that they attend St. Dominic Catholic School in order to determine if St. Dominic's educational program can meet the needs of the particular student(s).

Home-School Students

Students entering St. Dominic Catholic School from a home school shall be placed in a grade level following an academic assessment determined by the principal. The principal makes the final decision of grade placement.

New Student Admission Policy

St. Dominic Catholic School admits students of any race, color, creed and national or ethnic origin.

The following priorities will be used to determine admission to full classes at St. Dominic.

  • Children who are presently enrolled as of the present school year. This priority will be forfeited if the children leave school.

  • Children of families with siblings currently enrolled in St. Dominic School who are active registered parish members.

  • Children whose parents/guardians are active, registered St. Dominic Parish members. Enrollment priority for this group will be based on the following order:

    • Those on the present year's waiting list and who have requested consideration for the coming year.

    • St. Dominic Catholic School Registration Form receipt date.

    • St. Dominic Catholic Parish enrollment date.

  • Children of St. Dominic teachers and the other parish staff members.

  • Children whose parents/guardians are not registered St. Dominic Parish members in the following priority order:

  • Families who were on the present year's waiting list and request consideration for the coming year.

  • Families of other Catholic parishes

  • Families of other religious affiliations

Educational Grant Money is available to St. Dominic Catholic School Families.  Applications for Grant Money are available from the school principal at the time of registration and during the school year.  Acceptance of the Education Grant Application is made by the Education Grant Committee.

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

We encourage parents/ guardians to be actively engaged in the St. Dominic Catholic School Community. These are some suggested guidelines for how to be a part of the home and school collaborative:

Foster Catholic values in the daily activity of the children:

  • Attendance at weekend Eucharistic Liturgy (Mass).

  • Celebrate family prayer time.

  • Participate in sacramental reception.

  • Foster respect and acceptance of all people.

Promote Parish Essential Mission:  "to seek Christ, know Christ and become Christ, each one for the sake of all."

Support the staff, mission and policies of St. Dominic School.

Awareness of child/children's academic and moral progress.

Attendance at school related meetings, conferences and functions.

Volunteer help in the various areas of school life where schedules permit.

Awareness of the information in the Parent/ Student Handbook, Family Folder, and communications from classroom teachers, School Advisory Committee, Home and School Association and the Athletic Association

Fulfill all financial obligations to St. Dominic Catholic School and Parish Community, including financial stewardship as an active parish member. To receive parish member tuition, an annual stewardship pledge card must be submitted by December of the prior school year.

Parents assure compliance to the St. Dominic School Uniform and non-uniform policy.



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