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Current St. Dominic Catholic School parent testimonials, January 2017

I am thankful for St. Dominic Catholic School because:
St. Dominic has enriched our lives more than we could have ever imagined! We switched our children to St. Dominic while they were in middle school. It was not an easy decision, yet it turned out to be the best decision we have ever made for our children. We were immediately welcomed into the entire school community and felt no different from the families whose children had been together since preschool. Our children (and we parents!) have made friendships that we treasure and know will continue throughout our lives. Our children have been academically challenged and embraced by a teaching staff that is simply outstanding. The teachers truly know our children, care about their success, and encourage them to reach their full potential. The leadership at St. Dominic is exceptional. The principal, Mrs. Jill Fischer has exceeded our expectations regularly: from knowing each student by name and greeting the children at drop-off every morning without fail, to elevating the school's security, communication and moral standards through her example and weekly letter to families. St. Dominic has also impressed the importance of service to others upon our children and joyfully integrated volunteering into a regular part of their lives. We have found St. Dominic to be the best of all worlds: big enough to offer our children important social, athletic and extracurricular opportunities yet small enough to feel like a family with individual attention and support. Our children's education, faith and the confidence they have developed at St. Dominic has prepared them immensely for high school, and set the foundation for these critical areas for them to build upon their entire lives. Thank you St. Dominic for being such a valuable part of our lives and for helping make our children who they are today.

I am thankful for St. Dominic Catholic School because:
the great love of our Catholic faith is being instilled in my children each day they attend school. As the saying goes, "If we don't teach our children to follow Jesus, the world will teach them not to." This statement resonates with me in the critical role we have as parents to foster a greater love of Jesus and his teachings.  St. Dominic certainly has a strong curriculum base coupled with extensive extracurricular activities.  However, it is the solid faith-filled environment and witnessing how these beliefs and values are influencing my children in their daily life that I am very grateful.

I am thankful for St. Dominic Catholic School because:
we have found a wonderful community of families that have become friends. Whether we are at school, sports, Mass or volunteering at an event it is sure to be fun for the kids and adults! We are also so thankful for the caliber of our principal and teachers. The fact that Mrs. Fischer greets each child by name as he or she arrives at school is nothing short of incredible and is indicative of the overall atmosphere at St. Dominic. We are so thankful we chose St. Dominic Catholic School.

I am thankful for St. Dominic Catholic School because:
raising children today feels overwhelming and to have a school and church help you by providing a safe, moral, encouraging environment helps relieve the worry of doing it "all alone". Children thrive at St. Dominic and learn how to help others do the same. They learn how a caring community works and see the results of compassion and love in action every day. This is what sets apart catholic education. It takes more than academics to thrive and succeed as an adult. St. Dominic teaches the most important gift you can give your child, a loving moral base from which they can navigate the world.
Testimonial from St. Dominic Catholic School alumni
"I think the biggest impact that St. Dominic Grade School made in my life was to provide a strong moral foundation and a beautiful sense of community. Because of this community spirit and a solid base, I was more open to accepting Christ's call and serving in whatever way I can, whether that means ministry outreach work at UW-Madison or coming back to lead one of our parish's confirmation retreats." -Alumni and seminarian, Steve Buting
Testimonials from current St. Dominic Catholic School students
I am thankful for St. Dominic Catholic school because...
I have exceptional teachers. I have great classmates whom I have made friends with. I am very fortunate to learn about Christ and God. I hope to continue enrolling at St. Dominic.

I am thankful for St. Dominic Catholic school because...
the priests and teachers help me grow closer to God, to walk in God's love, and to sin no more.

I am thankful for St. Dominic Catholic school because...
of its great teachers, curriculum and its fun and safe learning environment. 

I am thankful for St. Dominic Catholic school because...
we get to learn something new every day. We have eight classes each regular school day and learn new concepts in each of them. I like math because we can do something hard, and also learn something challenging in science, as well. I also like the teachers because they will help us if we are confused or not caught up. If it wasn't for them, we wouldn't know what we know now. Finally, I am thankful that we get to go to Mass weekly, as a school. We can get closer to Christ when we go to Mass more often. I am glad to be at a school like this. I am also glad that the teachers care for us and help us to learn.

I am thankful for St. Dominic Catholic school because...
I am taught valuable lessons about God that will be valuable all through my life. St. Dominic has very good teachers that always try to help me succeed. I am thankful for the nice, new gym that we use to learn how to stay fit and healthy in gym class. At St. Dominic, there are sports you can participate in after school that are very fun, starting in fifth grade. There are also clubs like chess club, SMART team, math team, forensics, and band/strings. St. Dominic Catholic School is a great school and I'm very thankful for all the opportunities we have.

I am thankful for St. Dominic Catholic school because...
the teachers are nice and they have fun events like Movie Knight. I am glad I can go there until 8th grade.

I am thankful for St. Dominic Catholic school because...
I have many reasons to be thankful for St. Dominic Catholic School. I am very thankful for the great education I have. I am thankful because I always learn a lot and feel like it is preparing me for high school. Another reason I am thankful for St. Dominic is that it is a Catholic school, and it teaches me how to grow in my faith and get closer to God, and I am so lucky to have a school that values faith. My final reason why I am thankful for St. Dominic is all the extra-curricular activities. For example, you can participate in the math team, student council, and forensics. Also, we have many different sport teams, including track, basketball, volleyball, and tennis. I am incredibly thankful for being able to go to St. Dominic Catholic School and all that I get to be a part of.

I am thankful for St. Dominic Catholic school because...
we have great teachers and we get a good education. We also have a great principal. I am thankful for a good lunch and that we have uniforms. I am also thankful for Mass on Wednesdays. I am thankful for my friends and that the teachers teach us about the Catholic faith.


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